Monday, September 19, 2016

"one way ticket"

Helen Malone and I have been working for what seems like ages on our new collaboration and finally seem to be getting somewhere although it could be a while yet before we finish. It has been amazing how well we bounce ideas around and get the best out of each other but it also can be a much longer process than working on your own.
We always research and explore ideas and media and usually make trial exploratory pieces to test our ideas and search for the best materials and media that lends itself to making artist's books.
This time I have decided to be more systematic and keep my explorations of different media as a reference for later and even other books. By using similar sized sheets and focussing on content and composition I have been able to try lots of processes and media and keep them together bound in a little book. As well as being useful to the final process, I've become quite fond of the little book as a piece in its own right and will share some of the pages with you.

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