Monday, October 3, 2016

"more ?"

"outside reason"

Another little exploratory page from "one way ticket". The grey graphite marks were made with a great tennis ball sized ball of graphite from Portugal. Is there any limit to the range of marks that we can use? The graphite is soluble as well, so more possibilities again. After "fixing" it is possible to write on the graphite using white ink or gouache.
Comment if you would like to see more pages from this little collection of mark making research.

Meanwhile, Jenny and I are heading off to Mackay for a long weekend to check out the wonderful world of artist books at "Libris Awards".  Although all the selected artists have been shown in the catologue, there is nothing quite like seeing them in the flesh and donning the white gloves to look inside. It will be interesting to see how "Keer weer" fits in with all the other books from all over Australia.


meredith said...

Yes please, we want to see more.

Jack Oudyn said...

OK Meredith just for you, since you are the only respondent.Thanks for the encouragement