Friday, May 12, 2017

for Carina

While I am working on a new project for completion in month 5, I've also been busy reworking an artist proof from a small edition of 5 of "Counting" I made recently. I've called this one "Who is Counting?" 
In case my project takes longer than I hope, this will be book 5 of this years work for "one a month". This copy is for my friend Carina in Finland.
By looking back at the original "Counting" , you can see that as well as a new cover , the pages have acquired some translucent overlays with additional drawings.

As you can guess, there are also some changes to the page underneath the new liftable flap which will remain a mystery to all except Carina. I am seriously thinking of using this process for more of my copies in an edition so that they are all similar but also individual and different.


I think there may be a name for this sort of varied edition. Please let me know what it is .

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