Sunday, October 22, 2017


"Hatman" is featured on the next page of my tiny 8 page zine. Each page has a different idea starter for you to play with. What do you think about when you see this image and text? What is that on his head? Where is he and what are those laser-like light streaks? My thoughts give me a sore head too! Only had one satisfied blogger take up my offer of a free downloaded image to make into a book. It worked well so if you want to give it a try please let me know. I don't even need to spend money on postage although I am quite happy to send you an original signed and numbered zine instead.


jac said...

I'd love to print a copy if you can send me the file. Do you still have my e mail address?

Jack Oudyn said...

Yes Jac, your copy is on its way. Hope it gives you a bit of fun and a smile.

roth phallyka said...
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