Friday, October 6, 2017

new zine

If you enjoy very small books that tease your mind this may be of interest to you. This little 8 page zine of found images and text has been put together so that each page is a separate narrative for you to unravel. There are no correct answers or solutions and you are encouraged to use your imagination. Maybe even make your own and bounce it back to me on line. 
If you would like a copy leave a comment and an email (above right) and I can send you the whole book to print on an A4 sheet and assemble yourself. Too easy!


Miss Iowa said...

Ooooh, I'm intrigued! I've been gathering materials and information to create my own zine. Would love to see yours! I'll send an email. And thank you!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Miss I, your file is in the email. Hope it works well for you.