Monday, July 1, 2019


My next book "cutaneous"has just been completed. It is another black book and joins the small series of black work I have started for the year. Although it is in a very conventional codex form, it also has perforations, windows and flaps that reveal several layers at a time. The book is about skin and the Chinese carbon paper screwed up and straightened, is soft and wrinkled like my skin. 
I was researching how to make the Japanese cloth-like paper using momigami and using different papers and glues instead of the konnyaku paste and stubbled on some very interesting surfaces and textures to use in my books.

 The results were encouraging and I hope to get back to this artist's proof to make a bigger, better version once I finish my next few explorations into the black.


Aine Scannell said...


this book of yours looks so appealing!!!!

and I have to admit my curiosity has been alerted -

Is there such a thing as "Chinese Carbon paper" ?

I was not able to find it for sale anywhere online , in the UK. Perhaps it goes by other names?

jac said...

Beautifully tactile. Like Aine I want to know more about the paper you used and how you treated it

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thank you for your interest. I was only after the normal black carbon paper that was used by typewriters ages ago but it is not available here in Australia anymore - only blue. However I found a supplier on line in China (surprise) -hence "Chinese Carbon paper."
I got the lovely texture by basically screwing it up and flattening it out. It was a bit more complicated but I'll leave it till a future blog.