Saturday, December 21, 2019

Festive Greetings

This "animated" version of this year's card doesn't really do the physical card any justice. The red bow needs to be undone so the card can open and reveal the message inside. Sometimes the old traditional way works better than the digital version doesn't it?

Looking forward to sharing a few more books in 2020, there are already some at various stages in the pipeline although they may never see the light of day. 
Hoping your creative work helps to keep you in a positive space in an sometimes hostile world.


jac said...

Hope you enjoy the holidays and I wish you a peaceful, safe and creative New Year

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks Jac I always value your feedback to all the blogs. Sometimes working online is very solitary and you wonder if it's worthwhile keeping the blog going. But apart from my ancient web-site, my blog is a link with what I'm currently doing and I do value feedback from some of my regulars.Have another good creative year in the very symmetrical 2020.