Monday, June 8, 2020

old made new

"Distances" is a  little concertina book, a little smaller than  A5,  made during the early stages of Covid 19. It refers to changes  to our personal space applied specially for the pandemic. "Social distancing" [physical distancing] has become the new space around our bodies. No more handshakes or hugs, heaven forbid a peck on the cheek to help limiting the spread of the virus and "flattening the curve". 
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By zooming in closer into the abstract image you can see some of the codes or signs used to help convey my thoughts during our "iso{lation}". The paper used is from old pianola rolls (you can see the little holes and stencilled text) - used to make music in the 40's when families would gather around a pianola to listen or sing. You didn't need to be able to play the piano or read music. The keys were activated by air.

Other materials used in this book include black gesso (matt black for white drawing),red and white gouache ink, antique map, carbon texture print.


Helen M said...

What a fabulous book Jack, I love it. Very relevant to our shared experience and beautiful as well.

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Welcome back Helen, Thanks for commenting so favourably. I sometimes wonder if anyone still visits these dinosaur sites.

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