Sunday, October 7, 2018

"restless legs"

I have just have just finished some little exploratory drawings for a little book "jumpy legs 2" to share with you. It is about my own restless legs, a subject very dear to my heart. 

I started doing small drawings on flights when my legs became unbearable. After my other books "jumpy legs" and "double sided" several years ago, I continue to use drawing as one way to take my mind to a better place not only on planes. I usually finish these little portable drawings back in the studio.
For my legs, I started making a new little folded book which moved when you opened it but decided I wanted a more involuntary type of movement for this one.
"jumpy legs 2"  only has 6 pages which are loose and pinned to a wall from a little hole in the top centre. This allows a little cluster of pages to move gently in the breeze or aided by a fan. They are housed in a little A5 folder.

 They appear to move by themselves. The images are rather "meaty" and organic, not very leggy. But the affliction feels totally like an out of body function, and largely uncontrollable so these mutant limbs seem appropriate. They must belong to someone else.

[I think they look a bit like clothed, green ginger, put together by instructions from Simplicity or Butterick.]


Amanda said...

Hi Jack! Restless legs are horrible. I get them too when I am overtired. This is an interesting way to express the experience and a great way to distract yourself from them.

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks Amanda. Nice to hear from you again. Mind you it is not always possible to distract from the legs, that's why I'm trying to make them the focus.

Helen M said...

I can't wait to see this in person Jack and to see the pages move. I wondered how you were going to make this happen and it seems a great solution. Fantastic.

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen, I think I might have to tweak the green ginger legs though.

Carole Reid said...

Hey Jack! Your work is fabulous but the restless legs drive me nuts as well.
That yellow is jolting. Great colour.