Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Boekie of the month "exercises on loci"

Even though it was never his favourite subject at school, Spiderman has just completed a little boekie for lovers at the intersection of art and mathematics.

After repeated "brushes" with my favourite Golden Orb Spider smack bang across my face, I have been using the experience as a source of ideas for exploring more images and ideas.
The spider has gone, my boekie is finished and I have more images to share if there is any interest. (I know how frightening spiders can be for some people). Let me know and I'll post a few more.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

3rd Book for 2017 "Ways to Enter and Exit"

I have just finished my third book for 2017, "Ways to Enter and Exit". I made this blank flutterbook first, using Otis College Book Arts, "Bookbinding: Create a flutter book" on U Tube as a guide. 

I intend to use this little project of "A book a Month" to explore new formats and bindings as well as images and concepts. This book is like a concertina but joined to the cover and can be displayed open as well as individual pages, although I have designed the images to span two facing pages. 

I have a very industrious spider in my garden who like to build her web at head high across a path I use every day. The web catches me fair in the face every morning, right across my glasses, leaving the broken web hanging from my camelia bush.

I have found a way to get a print of the web on paper by spraying the web with paint and catching the wet web on paper.

I used pieces of these drawings, found text and a background of black gesso to make the images for each double page spread.

I used a very fine nib for both white and black inks but also my favourite very fine manga pen, a Pilot HI-Tec-C 0.25 mm thick I brought back from Japan. I'm sure you'll agree these drawings are quite a departure from my usually more spontaneous mark making.
Before I return to my comfort zone I might dilly dally for a while exploring some of the mathematical skills that my spider must have in abundance.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Manly Library Artists' Book Award selection

Last year Helen Malone and I  finished our collaborative book "The Future of an Illusion". (For details and images of this book please click the link.) Since we haven't had a chance to show our book , we were both delighted to be selected by 
the judges Michael Hedger and Ben Rak for exhibition in the 2017  Manly Library Artists' Book Award.
In addition I also had a little book I had made by myself accepted - "Redacted in Limbo".

“[Redacted] in Limbo is informed by my concerns for refugees who to come looking for freedom from persecution and a new life as migrants in Australia. The triangular is a metaphor for the tents they live in or the boats they use to make their journey.

The title of the book refers to source of the text which is from the “Nauru Files” published by the Guardian Newspaper in November, 2016. Most information of conditions in the camps and treatment of the refugees has been kept secret from the public by the Australian Government.

The book has felt covers from old Army blankets which have been waxed to make them still like sails and the book has been designed to stand up so that pages can be viewed and turned. Bitumen and canvas have also been used to suit the rugged outdoor feeling of the book and make it waterproof.. 

 The design uses some of the text from the “Nauru Files” and image repetitions of cut-out stencil people who are confused, damaged and mixed up as shown by the random crumpling of the paper, to a more ordered, peaceful one. 

The individual waxed pages of the book involve crumpling, and layering and repetition of images and text as metaphors for the mental health and physical damage caused by the harsh process used to settle our new citizens that came by boat. 

Although the crumpled marks can be smoothed they can never be removed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Counting" SECOND BOOK for 2017

Still keeping up with my goal of a book a month. This new one"counting", (my second for 2017) is a small mixed media concertina using some of my travel photos in B&W and text. Haven't used photography much for my bookwork in the past but finding it opens up an exciting new area for exploration.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

mum's the word

The old floppy disc looks so long ago and I thought would make a great cover for a book that includes bits of very old brittle paper I have embedded in wax to protect them. "Mum's the word" is an old phrase for keeping quiet or secret information which suits my drawings and marks perfectly.

I am still using the same very restricted colour range as earlier drawings to link them to a series of little works. This is the first book for 2017 -the aim is to make one a month.

In case you have forgotten ever seeing the floppy discs, they are 13cms square so that will give you an idea of how small these little secret messages are.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

"co - ordinates"

The first little book for the new year. It was started in Mackay when I was there for the Libris event. I always seem to be able to make new work when I am in different surroundings. Maybe my senses are more alert and open to new stimuli. I made the cover once I got home so in reality it is really one of last years books (the last).
The card for the cover and some of the old paper I used for the mixed media drawings, is from an old book of my mother's from her school days (about 80 yrs old). The lined paper is thicker and has a sheen and is now almost an ivory colour. 

The hinge and fastener are felt from an old army blanket we all seemed to have when we were children. It fits rather well with the vintage recycled card of my mother's old exercise book.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Just made it - seasons greetings and "bonne chance"

Hoping you have a merry Christmas and a very healthy, happy 2017. I have just finished another small artist book "bonne chance" before this hectic part of the year. Only just made it for 2016.
The images respond to quotes from some of my favourite artists on the subject of chance. The A4 sized book uses Kraft paper and mixed media and each of the 10 images refers to some aspects of the quoted artist work that resonates with me. 
I hope you enjoy the little sample for you to view.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Just finished off another small concertina book I started on my last plane journey to combat my restless, jumpy legs. I find that by engaging my brain in a bit of stimulation (reading doesn't work anymore), I can reduce this most annoying and uncomfortable condition I have.

These fantasy portraits were added to the reverse side of my prepared book I took on the trip. I started off with a continuous imaginary unfolding landscape as I flew above it and as I ran out of pages decided to give the book its own imaginary voyeurs on the reverse side. I'll include just another portrait before I show a few of the landscape.

They were all done using my small portable tin box of travelling art materials.

These small continuous mixed media landscapes are all linked with my thoughts on chance in the process of being original. I have been working on other books exploring these ideas and they overflowed into this little one.

With Christmas just around the corner, I think this little jumpy leg remedy may end up in the stocking of my favourite Finnish artist, Carina Granlund.

It is interesting how the almost compulsively, worked surfaces of the landscapes which did battle with my brain and the legs, contrasts with the much more peaceful and minimal drawings of the audience.